Kyrie Irving Is NOT Here For Your LeBron-Based Taunts

First and foremost – you really have to respect a Philly sports centric Twitter account telling someone else to stay classy. Either that’s PFT level trolling or, more realistically, the least self-awareness in the history of sentience.

As for Kyrie telling Philly fans to suck his dick in response to “Hey Kyrie, where’s LeBron?” I don’t blame him. He just had to see his old pal LeBron on Tuesday, when Gordon Hayward’s ankle exploded into a billion pieces and his new squad lost the game. Then Giannis slowly but surely murdered the Celtics 24-hours later to push the Celtics to 0-2 where just for shits and giggles Marcus Smart somehow rolled both of his ankles. Then against the 76ers the refs call a thousand fouls, there was no flow the entire game, the Celtics missed 100 free throws while turning the ball over 200 times. A tumultuous start to the season to say the least. Who couldn’t go for a nice post-game blowie to let those frustrations out? The Celtics next game isn’t until Tuesday. After three games in four nights it’s time to get in some rest and relaxation before the team regroups.

And if that Philly fan doesn’t want to oblige his request? No biggie. It’s autumn in New England and the pumpkins are in abundance. Get yourself a nice gourd and release those demons, Kyrie. You deserve it.