Suburban Philly High School Students Stage Walk Out Over Some Very Racist Pumpkins

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COATESVILLE – Several hundred students at Chester County’s Coatesville Area High School students walked out of school Friday morning in a protest against racism prompted by a posting by schoolmates on social media showing pumpkins carved with a swastika and KKK on them. The protest came a day after scores of students at Gloucester County’s Washington Township High School staged a sit in after some white students exchanged racially charged social-media messages, leading to a confrontation between some white and black students. The Coatesville students walked out about 7:30 a.m. and were expected to demonstrate until noon. School officials, prepared in advance for the protest, monitored the students outside. Police also were present at the school, but that appeared to be only a precaution. Reporters were being kept away from the campus. The Coatesville Area School District has said it appears the photo of the pumpkins carved with racist symbols was taken off school grounds, after school hours and involved both current and former students. Superintendent Cathy Taschner says the district will “exercise its full authority” to send a message that the picture and carvings are not acceptable. Caln Township police are also investigating, but it is not clear what crime could come into play. Earlier this month, a black baby doll was found hanging in a Coatesville High School locker with a tie around its neck. Taschner said it was a “foolish prank,” not a hate crime.

First off, that’s some serious gusto for the Superintendent to dismiss a black baby doll hanging by the neck as a “foolish prank”. Even if there was no malicious animosity intended, you can’t exactly brush off the action as nothing. Then again, that’s AP Spin Zone class stuff right there. Maybe slavery in general could be refereed to as a federal work program and the Holocaust was simply an Overnight Summer Camp.

But I can’t hate on these Coatesville kids for taking a stand against their disgusting peers. These are actually vegetables (is a pumpkin a veggie???) cause worth protesting against. What IDIOTS would even think to A) Carve these racist epitaphs in a pumpkin in the first place, and B) Put them on social media under their names for the world to see? You’re in high school and just declared yourself unemployable outside of the gas station market for the rest of your days. Might as well have just carved out that Swastika on your face and become the next Hans Landa walking around the country. Totally despicable by all accounts.

This Halloween, don’t make your pumpkins racist. Just, don’t. Instead, make them irresistible.