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Parent's Weekend From Arizona State



Unfortunately, most people only know Arizona State for its rigorous academic reputation. And it’s sad because there really is more to life as a Sun Devil than endless hours in the library. So on this week’s Barstool 5th Year, Rone and I tried to take a peek behind the curtain to uncover what these all-star students do in their free time.

This Parent’s Weekend edition marks the halfway point of our season long journey. If you’ve missed the first half, no fear. Although it may be true that those videos have disappeared and will likely never resurface, here’s a quick rundown.

Week 1 @ Georgia: We talked to Kirby Smart about his schemes going into this breakout season.

Week 2 @ Clemson: We kept security tight as out of control fans threatened the players safety.

Week 3 @ Southern Cal: We asked upstanding fraternity brothers their thoughts on their heralded quarterback.

Week 4 @ Arizona: We reminded pool party twerkers of the real reason for college.

Week 5 @ Alabama: We talked to a sweaty guy who swore he wasn’t nervous.

Week 6 @ Washington: We took part in a timeless Seattle tradition of sling shotting fish into crowds of people.


You can watch this week’s Arizona State episode HERE. And to make sure you don’t miss the second half of the season, swipe up at the end of the video to subscribe to 5th Year.