Pat McAfee Tweets Out The Behind The Scenes Story Of That Time He Got Arrested For Getting Drunk And Jumping In A Canal

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INDIANAPOLIS [2010] — Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee has become an example for his teammates headed into the team’s bye week — and not in a good way.

Indianapolis suspended McAfee for one game on Wednesday, a little more than 12 hours after the 23-year-old was arrested for public intoxication. Police said McAfee took a pre-dawn swim in a city canal and told them “I am drunk” as he tried to explain why he was sopping wet in the Broad Ripple neighborhood, a trendy area known for its nightlife.

According to the police report, McAfee was asked whether he was swimming in the canal and answered, “I am not sure.” When he was asked why he was wet, McAfee responded, “It was raining.” When he was asked where his shirt was, McAfee said, “In the water.” And when he was asked how much he had to drink, McAfee said, “A lot ’cause I’m drunk.”


First of all awesome story from Pat.  “Allegedly is right Mr. Polian, I have a hole in my ear drum, I’d never go for a swim.”

Second of all Pat tweeting this story out, on Twitter, tweet by tweet, instead of the blog we own and operate and monetize, when I have set him up with his log-in info no less than 5 times, and sent him a detailed playbook on every single step of writing a blog, is the most Pat thing ever and the most Barstool thing ever.

Love this guy.  Never change Pat.   We’re gonna turn you into a blog monster if it kills me.


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