There's Seriously A Dating Website For Gluten Free Singles?


So there was a bunch of backlash and happy crap over me bashing people over essentially changing their religion to Gluten Free. Big whoop. Usually I just let it slide, but then I got a Tweet saying that there’s a website out there for people who actually want to find love through their common bond of Gluten Intolerance…and you’re damn right I joined. Have to go undercover and oust this entire conspiracy from within the ranks. Just call me the Donnie Brasco of dietary horseshit.

Plus, fat face it, crazy chicks are fantastic hook ups. Well who can be crazier than someone who fakes the entire way they eat for attention? I’m not talking about everyone out there who is Gluten Free. After doing some research yes Celaic Disease does exist and people need to be on this diet and blah blah blah, I’m talking about the hardcore ones who aren’t Gluten Intolerant but still go batshit that everything they eat be Gluten Free because they think they’re living a healthy life. These are the specimens we need to evaluate over a cheesesteak and if there isn’t a Hot Carl perfected within 4 minutes of consumption, then guess what honey, your entire diet is bullshit.

Already getting the love from this little minx from overseas and am letting Cassanova Smitty take over:



Now we play The Waiting Game…