The Latest #StayMe7o Subtweet Took A Bazooka To The Knicks Franchise

Lets all send our T’s and P’s to Me7o for having to collect millions of dollars to not make the playoffs in the shitty Eastern Conference the last few years. Poor guy.

The truth of the matter is Melo doesn’t even know what hell is. He was just visiting. Yeah having Dolan and Phil Jackson as your bosses must suckkkkkkk as it’s happening. But Knicks fans are stuck in this hell forever. We don’t want to be weaklings and root for another team or quit watching NBA basketball altogether like a bunch of pussies. We have to live with the worst, smuggest, dickheadest (dickheadiest?) owner in the universe constantly wheel out a shitty product almost every single year. We had to deal with our “superstar” come up short on the court, wear dumbass hats in the postgame press conference, and then subtweet like a 12 year old girl on social media. Every time we think this franchise hit rock bottom, it gets even worse. Just like it will tonight when Melo drops 40+ on the Knicks then resembles the guy from Denver the rest of this season while everyone that liked the Melo trade for the Knicks last month will be tweeting LOLKnicks come playoff time like they did with the JR and Shump trade.

Nonetheless, I am happy Knicks fans don’t have to deal with this #StayMe7o nonsense much longer after tonight.