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A Genius Photographer Turns Women's O-Faces into Art

The O ProjectIn a daring and bold move, Brazilian photographer, Marcos Alberti, acclaimed for last year’s “3 Glasses” project on drinking alcohol in moderation, set out on a new mission to break down the barriers of female sexual well-being in his latest quest, the “O Project”. Together with sexual well-being brand, Smile Makers, Alberti presented female sexuality like it’s never been done.

Alberti captured the facial expressions of more than 20 women before, during, and after their sexual journey, while using personal massagers. The four photos unveil the slow or, in some cases, rapid progression of each woman’s facial changes as she reaches and recovers from orgasm. The headshots are fun and sexy, but tasteful, keeping everything below the waist hidden from view – ­­­­­­­­­­even from the photographer.

The women span all ethnicities and nationalities, coming from seemingly more sexually liberated countries, such as the USA and France, to more conservative communities like China and Singapore.

The underlying message: all women deserve to be in control of their sexuality, no matter their background. Women should be free to be empowered by – and have a little fun with – their sexuality.

Get a load of Marcos Alberti’s game. Just further proof – like I needed it – that every other guy is having more fun than me. I have a job that entitles me to have 65-year-old guys ask me about the Patriots while their balls are hanging out in the locker room at the gym. Alberti gets this. He’s also confirming something I’ve long since known: That nobody lives their best life the way artists do.

You know how whenever someone says he’s an Art major, the first reflex is to look down at that guy and laugh about how he’s going to be starving someday? To feel superior because you’ll have your business degree and picture that guy writing your name on a coffee cup someday? Yeah, about that.

While you’re living the quiet desperation of a cubicle monkey and all joy of life is slowly draining out of you, Art Major Guy is living/working in a specially zoned, subsidized artist’s loft where women come to strip their clothes off for him like it’s his job. Because it is. Believe me, I’ve seen it first hand. Back in the paper days of the Stool I had my headshots done at the loft of the guy who photographed all our models. And it was like Hef’s mansion in there.

And the beautiful thing is, it’s all 100 percent legitimate. If you or I ask a woman to come over and work herself over with a Magic Wand while you take pictures, at best you’ll end up with an ankle bracelet and notices sent to your neighbors that you’re on the Registry. But Alberti does it, and he might as well be Peter Paul Reubens asking BBWs to pose for him (link NSFWish if your bosses are uncultured swine). They’ll gladly sit there in front of a total stranger and flick the bean, all in the name of art. It’s genius.

All the galleries are at the link above, and they’re totally SFW. But just in case you can’t click it, here is one man’s very subjective rankings of the best O-faces in the bunch:


O-project 1


O-project 2


O-project 3