Louis CK's Trailer For His Movie "I Love You, Daddy" Could Not Have Dropped At A Weirder Time

Whoooooooooooooops. Very VERY uncomfortable time for that trailer to drop. It’s moments like this that make me believe everything that happens in this world is connected. It makes me believe that there is a higher being playing with us all like puppets. Because this trailer for Louis CK’s movie “I Love You, Daddy, could not dropped at a stranger time. Like there is no weirder time in human history for that trailer to be released. A movie about a Hollywood prouder seducing an underage woman? Hmmmmmm. Have we heard about anything like that in the news recently? Obviously the movie is supposed to be about Woody Allen but it turns out to be more relevant than Louis CK probably ever intended. I can’t decide if Louis CK is mad or happy about the timing. Happy I suppose? The ending of the trailer is almost too perfect. Especially with the uhhhhhhhh weird allegations surrounding Louis CK himself. Just a weird trailer for a weird movie at a VERY weird time.