Clemson Football With A Little Casual Fight Club In The Locker Room

*Loses to Syracuse once*

Everybody losing their damn minds over at Clemson.  Fight club in the locker room?   First rule don’t talk about it, second rule don’t talk about it, but right up there is also “don’t film it and upload it to social media” probably.  Kind of an unspoken one.

Funny because I was reading an article last week about how Dabo was having Clemson DBs wear boxing gloves at practice after seeing the Patriots do it.

That appears to be what happened to Dabo Swinney while taking a look at how the New Englands Patriots practice, and most notably, the defensive backs, according to ESPN.

Dabo noticed that Patriot defensive backs were wearing boxing gloves at certain points in practice and a light bulb went off in his head. So when he got back to Clemson, during their 1-on-1 period during training camp, Dabo had his defensive backs put the boxing gloves on…but not to duke it out. They served a very different purpose. [Football Scoop]

Maybe not!

Fucking Belichick, this guy has his hand in everything.