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Teddy Bridgewater Makes An Emotional Return To Practice, Ballboy Instantly Comes Within Inches Of Taking Him Out Again

Awesome. Teddy Bridgewater already exceeded expectations as a rookie QB two years back. Now he defies all expectations and returns to the field only 14 months after suffering an UGLY dislocated knee injury combined with a torn ACL. He’s still a little while away from playing, so it makes sense nobody would even come close to his red jersey and wrapped up knee, right? RIGHT? Not if the ball boy has anything to say about it.

Love the tenacity. That kid knows if he doesn’t go all out for every ball then they’ll be someone who will. However, maybe, just maybe don’t act like Kramer going ham trying to lock up a US Open ball boy spot around the literal walking wounded. Calm down, grasshopper. Only the greats of the sidelines can accidentally get away with tomfoolery like that, and a Red Lightning you are not. At least not yet.