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My Guy Post Malone Had A REAL Tough Time Smashing A Guitar On Stage

Yikes. This is the slip up my guy Post Malone has had since I discovered him and put him on the map about a month ago. It’s a bit of a tough look for a guy whose smash hit is literally titled “Rockstar” but there are always going to be growing pains with new found fame. Nobody knew who Post Malone was a couple months ago and so now the spotlight is EXTREMELY bright. Anything he does wrong will be blown way out of proportion. That’s what we’ve got on our hands here. Let’s not let this get in the way of the fact that he did eventually smash the guitar. He got the job done. It took about 6 Paul Bunyan hacks for the thing to finally snap but it did snap. Like they say, Rome wasn’t built in the day. Same goes for the antics of a (capital R) Rockstar. Do you think Paul Stanley was a guitar-smashing pro the first time he tried it? No way. Things like this take time and experience. By the end of his tour Post Malone will be destroying guitars with ease. No doubt in my mind.