Is This Strawberry Trying To Give Me The Pipe?


Fellas, I love going strawberry pickin as much as the next dude. All the other suckers are back at home watching the big game during football season and you have the entire strawberry patch to yourself. You love making jelly, jams, and even a little strawberry wine. You got the wine recipe just right last year. A dry strawberry wine? #GameChanger

You’ve been on the patch for about two hours. You’re hot and sweaty. You’ve been listening to your Strawberry Picking Playlist on Spotify. You notice that this playlist you made has forty-eight hundred followers. Incredible. You havent even posted it to social media. People just love it. And then it happens. Deanna Carter comes on with her wonderful voice. The flood of romance flows over you.

Next thing you know, you pull this bad boy off the vine.


Uncomfortable, you giggle. You feel flushed. Your cheeks are red. You’ll say it’s from the heat but the lump in your throat suggests otherwise. Are you in love? Only time will tell. But yes. You are. Congratulations.