Jerry Jones Looks Insanely Uncomfortable When Confronted By A Protester In A Hotel Lobby

Jerry Jones just walking through the hotel and treating it like it’s a museum. Looks dead ass at the guy explaining the protests and doesn’t say a peep. Just looks at his poster like it’s a 6th-century piece of pottery that was found hanging out in a cave. I mean, what do you really say in that situation if you’re Jerry? Cant really go on your Jimmy Johnson style How Bout Dem Cowboys trope when the conversation is so heavy. Doesn’t seem like his plan of staying out the conversation really worked. Almost seems like it went the other way. Weird.

Edit: truth be known, Im not sure it’s a hotel. I just assume any building with a lobby is a hotel because I grew up poor. If it has a lobby, it’s a hotel in my book. Additionally, any building is a hotel if you’re tired and brave enough to sleep. People forget that.