Vile Beast Of A Naked Lady Chases Her Prey Around Bar With A Pool Stick

WASHINGTON – Shocking video has emerged of a naked woman in a bar chasing a customer around a pool table while wielding a cue. In the video, filmed on October 1 at a bar in Bellevue, Washington state by a stunned customer, the naked woman shouts at another woman in the bar, approaches her and seizes the pool cue she is holding.

“That’s what I *bleepin* thought!”

Yup. She sure showed them. Even though the most shocking part is she has the ability for cognitive thought. Dean Wormer said it best: Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life. Well, it’s safe to say fat, drunk, stupid, and naked in a pool hall attempting to whip up on someone with a cue. Maybe she should check her pockets and/or folds for those pills. They gotta be lying around somewhere.

Never mess with someone who decides to pull an Uncle Phil, break out Lucille, and use it as a weapon. Ain’t no shame in the running away game. Or just don’t mess with anyone who generally start fights inside pool halls in 2017. Those are the type of cats who got nothing to lose.