WWE 2k18's Create An Entrance Feature Can Make For Some Interesting Combos

It’s that time of the year again! WWE has released their newest shitty video game (for folks who haven’t played them in years, trust me on this one, they’re not good anymore) and everyone’s fucking around with the entrance editor tool. Every year, 2k has released practically the exact same game, and every year, people still find ways to crack me up with these stupid edits. The graphics improvements help, too, because I feel like I just watched Braun and Brock making out and flamboyantly strutting down the aisle in real life…other than the part where their faces morph together.

That’s actually my favorite part of these video games. The glitches. They crack me up like nothing else in the world.


These videos are a bigger selling point than anything for WWE 2k18. I know if I buy this stupid video game, I’ll have countless nights with my buddies online laughing my ass off at John Cena’s neck being stretched like a giraffe or Roman Reigns’ foot getting stuck in a ladder and him warping at lightspeed into the roof.

God dammit, I just convinced myself to buy this game.