I LOVE These Bike Lane Protesters Who Say Cyclists Are Nazis And The Mafia

I’m not a “protest” guy and I’m not a “be passionate about things” guy. Never have been and I swear to you I never will be. But, I’ve gotta shout out my brothers in arms/brothers in hate here. These signs made me laugh out fucking loud. Nazi Lane! Mafia Lane! Suck It Lane! Stop the anti-car agenda! That is all absolute gold, baby.

And look, what they say is right. Cyclists are no different than Nazis and they’re no different than the Mafia. If you speak ill of them they try and silence you. Just ask me, I’ve been banned from Twitter countless times because cyclists SS up and make sure to report me non-stop. They’re scared of voices that shine a light on just how evil they are so they burn books and Twitter accounts. They literally threatened to blow up Barstool HQ and set it on fire and wait outside for me. They’re violent thugs who don’t deserve their own lane to travel.

You want to be treated like you’re a car? You want the same respect and rules of the road? Then why should you get your own lane? If you want the same rules of the road as a car then get in the mix with the cars you little nincompoops. Stop wasting our tax dollars with your safe spaces and get on the road.

If you refuse, then deal with the harsh consequences: people walking in your bike lane and telling you to suck it. Suck it. Suck it you lil bitches.