Flight Attendant Starts Screaming When Plane Loses Altitude, Sends Passengers Into A Panic

Source - Flight attendants aboard an AirAsia plane that suddenly plummeted 22,000 feet caused passengers to panic even more when they began yelling in fear, according to a report.

The plane was headed from Perth to Bali Sunday afternoon when the cabin pressure suddenly dropped and the flight fell from 32,000 feet to only 10,000, Seven News Australia reported.

Video shows passengers wearing oxygen masks, as a crew member can he heard yelling, “Passengers, get down! Passengers, get down!”

Passenger Clare Askew said she had expected a more composed reaction from the crew.

“The panic was escalated because of the behavior of staff who were screaming,” Askew told the station. [They] looked tearful and shocked. Now, I get it, but we look to them for reassurance and we didn’t get any. We were more worried because of how panicked they were.”

“There was no real panic before that, but then everyone panicked,” added Mark Bailey, another passenger.

Listen, you want your flight crew to be professional and poised at all times, I get that. They’re there to keep you safe and get you just buzzed enough so that the altitude change doesn’t induce nausea. If God forbid anything were to happen mid-air I’d expect my stewardess (is that the right term?) to act like Captain Andrews from Titanic-  at least that’s what I thought. Then I saw this video and realized what a ridiculous ask that is. If the plane is actually going down, like going to crash, then who gives a FUCK what the flight crew does. You’re not going to survive. She thought she was going to die so she started screaming, just like everyone else. It’s not like she pulled her pants down and took a shit in the middle of the aisle.

If they were cruising along at 32,000 feet and she started going nuts, that’d be one thing but the plane dropped FOUR MILES in a matter of minutes. If anything the passengers should appreciate the authentic reaction. At least this way people have time to get their affairs in order. Fire off a few I love you texts.

I was flying from West Virginia to DC in a puddle jumper a few years back and we had a similar situation. All of a sudden my head smashed off the overhead compartment. Flight attendant didn’t say a thing, just sprung into action. I had no idea if we were having engine failure or what. It was terrifying. We landed on the tarmac and I had to wait twenty minutes until I could get off the plane to puke. It was the worst. At any rate, these passengers should be grateful they had a flight crew that gave it to them straight. If my plane’s going down I want to know about it, not be surprised.