Let's Play A Game Of "Guess The Rest Of The Words On This Shitty Forehead Tattoo"


This fella is in jail for a sexually charged crime. Shocker. I know. You’d normally expect someone with a forehead tattoo that includes the word “porn star” to be an upstanding individual. Sometimes, you’d be wrong. Sometimes a guy that gets I’M A PORNSTAR tattooed across his forehead is actually a bad person, a liar, and a sexual deviant. I’ve taken a couple whirls around the pornographic sites on the internet and I’ve never seen this David Koresh lookin mother fucker. He’s a liar! Lexington Steele is a porn star, not this guy. If Lexington Steele wants to get Porn Star tattooed on his head, fine by me! But this bearded bitcc can succ a fucc. He’s not porn star. He’s a criminal.


The news agency I got this picture from blurred out the words, so I can’t really tell what they say.

I’m gonna take a guess, though. I think the words say, “I Fuck Teen Pussy.” Pretty slam dunk guess.

You have to think that when this guy is looking into the mirror (shined-up piece of metal screwed into the wall above a stainless steel rimless toilet) that he’s gonna look at his forehead and know he made a couple of huge mistakes in his life.

If it doesn’t say, “I Fuck Teen Pussy” what could it possibly say?

UPDATE! We have found the rest of the tattoo. Damn it! I was wrong.