The Gronkowskis Played A-Rod And The Rest Of The Sharks In A Game Of Flip Cup On Shark Tank. Guess How It Went?

Sharks are supposed to be smart people, right? They’re the cream of the American business crop, they’re analytical, they don’t rush into bad deals simply because their manhood is challenged… so why in the world did they agree to this?

Agreeing to play the Gronkowskis in flip cup is akin to playing MJ one on one, it’s Final Jeopardy with Ken Jennings, 12 rounds with Tyson, whatever you want to call it, you’re accepting a challenge from the best to ever do it. It’s just a poor business and PR move to be seen out there looking like a dork.

Sure, Cuban is a “cool” billionaire and ARod has come into his own a bit with JLo and cigar/whiskey pics. They can party a bit. But when it comes to partying they’re Batman to the Gronks bane. They merely adopted the drinking once they got rich, the Gronkowskis were born into it. The Gronkowskis were playing flip cup with baby bottles. Even pregame, the 1980 USA squad had a better chance than the Sharks did on this one. In fact I’m shocked the Gronks didn’t pitch a perfect game, but I guess Rob’s been doing that football thing for a few weeks so he’s probably a little out of practice.