Get Used To Seeing Ridiculous Tehoka Nanticoke Highlights All Year Long This College Lacrosse Season

Gee. Zus. Christ. If you didn’t know who Tehoka Nanticoke was before today, well then I feel sorry for you because the kid has been lighting up the lacrosse world for a couple of years now. But the good news is that you know him now and we still have 4 full years to watch him dominate the college game with Albany. He’s the #1 recruit in the freshman class and probably one of very few people in the world who can pull off this shot with the amount of ease and confidence you saw right there.

That little hitch was just enough to get the defender’s feet to stop. Lowers the shoulder to get top side, he’s thicc enough to run right through the jam and put the defender straight on his face. And then obviously there’s the shot. One that I’d expect to see out of him at least a handful of times during the regular season.

There are two types of lacrosse coaches in this world. There are bad coaches who try to stunt all creativity and force their players to throw overhand and strictly shoot high-to-low. And then there are coaches like Scott Marr at Albany who embrace creativity. Who understand that creativity is the most important part of an offensive player’s game. Which makes Albany the perfect school for Tehoka to wind up at. Lyle’s skills put into Rambo’s body. He’s The Chosen One. Between Nanticoke and Connor Fields, there’s no way a team can game plan against them besides just pray one of them is having an off day. And an off day for Connor Fields is still putting up 5 points so yeah, good luck with that. What a time to be a Danes fan.

P.S. – Praying the NCAA doesn’t come along and put in some bullshit rule that forces Tehoka to wear a Cascade out there. Love seeing the kid dominate the field game in a box bucket.