Syracuse's Dino Babers Might Be The Most Electric Coach In College Football Right Now

If you didn’t know about Syracuse’s Dino Babers before Friday night, well you do now. This man gets his guys to believe in him plain and simple. During my time at Cuse I sat through Doug Marone and the incompetent loser Scott Shafer. Those two guys were zeroes compared to Dino. He brought over the excitement of the spread offense from Bowling Green where they ran a high powered air raid style offense. Last year, in his first year at Cuse, the Orange struggled and went 4-8. Their defense was BRUTAL, but the offense finally had a flair of excitement to it. That’s a big step when you’re trying to revive a seemingly dead program. People forget but Cuse used to be a power house back in the McNabb, Freeney, Marvin Harrison days. It’s been a long, long time since there was hope in this program but I think Dino Babers is the perfect guy to bring Syracuse football back.

Last year Syracuse got a signature win after beating Virginia Tech as a 20+ point underdog. His locker room speech after that still gives me chills.

But beating the defending national champs is a whole different level. Getting a packed Carrier Dome to show up and go bananas, giving you a real home field advantage is a big fucking deal. When I went there no one gave a fuck about going to football games. You tailgated but at the end of the day you’d rather go watch all the other big games going on at some bar. If Cuse won it was nice, but no one really cared. Beating #2 Clemson and delivering a giant blow to their playoff chances is a big fucking deal. It’s something that’ll attract recruits from all over. I’d run through a goddamn wall for Dino Babers.

Next up for the Orange? Just a road game against the revitalized Miami Hurricanes. They might not win, but I guarantee you Dino will have his boys ready to rock.

“They messed up. They showed everybody, and they showed us, how good they can play together as a team. Now they gotta do it all the time.”

Love this guy

P.S. Dabo is such a good dude.