Al Michaels Casually Dropped A Harvey Weinstein Joke During Last Night's Giants Game

I’ll admit that this joke surprised me more than the Giants performance tonight. After all those attempts by Monday Night Football to get funnier and edgier with Dennis Miller and Tony Kornheiser, it turns out Al Michaels was the answer all along and now he’s doing Sunday night on NBC! Sure, joking about a sexual predator scumbag (we don’t have to say alleged anymore, right? If so, alleged sexual predator scumbag) seems like a tasteless move. But sometimes you just have to get those current event jokes off during a lull in the action. Even ol’ Country Bumpkin Collinsworth wasn’t able to hit the cough button before laughing. I’m sure there will be no repercussions for Al’s words in 2017. Nope, in one ear out the other. That’s how the internet and our society works during the social media era.

UPDATE: Whoever had Under 45 minutes for when Al would apologize, come collect your winnings.

For the hearing impaired or those that like their Barstool without sound like our Tailgate Show, this is what the apology sounded like: