Congrats To Cooper Cousins On The Game Ball From Yesterday's Game!!!

There he is! Little Cooper Cousins, barely a two weeks old, attended his first Redskins game yesterday to cheer on his swaggy father.

He even stopped by and saw him on the sidelines before the game to give a quick pep talk in a video that just melted my heart into a million pieces


And then after the Skins won, who was awarded the game ball?

Cooper!!!! Of course! One game, one game ball! What a stud! Sign this man to a long term deal right now, you big dumb idiot Dan Snyder. And sign Kirk too while you’re at it. We need this family in DC for the rest of their lives.

So yeah, add in Kirks 330 yards passing, 2 TDs, and another on the ground, and in all it was a pretty great day for the Cousins family.