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Ben McAdoo's Ridiculously Oversized Pants May Be A Sign Of Good Things To Come

Benny With The Good Pants! Are these outrageous pants a sign that Wall Street McAdoo is gone and the silly son of a bitch that cared more about coaching than his appearance is back? I fucking hope so dude.

This is the man we fell in love with and the Football Guy the Maras and Tisches put in charge of their team.



Not this mamaluke.


If Football Guy Benny emerges from the tunnel with a haircut that looks like he did it himself, the Giants may be back in business. First team to go from 0-5 to the Super Bowl? I wouldn’t bet against it.

*Thinks about the active roster*

Yeah we are fucked no matter what. At least Ben McAdoo has something in common with Tracy McGrady other than never making it past the first round of the playoffs.