Gas Money Bob's Week 6 Bears Preview


You all know I never make excuses. Never have never will. Last week should have been a win but Jerome Boger and his crew decided to make the game about them and the Bears ended up losing a heart breaker in Mitch Tribusky’s NFL debut. This is not an excuse this is fact. The fact that there is a professional sports wide conspiracy for officials hating Chicago teams. We saw it last night in the NLCS, we saw it last week with the Bears, and we constantly see the Bulls getting beat by the referees.

This week we take on Ed Hochuli as well as the Baltimore Ravens. Early news looks like Jeremy Maclin is afraid to play today so that should help the Bears. Also, it is an organizational revenge game against Ravens Coach Jim Harbaugh. They say a rookie QB has never won at M&T Bank Stadium, but there has never been a rookie QB as good as the one coming in today. This won’t be an easy game but the Bears will take home the victory.

Bears 23

Ravens 20

Co-Offensive Players to Watch:

Mitchell Tribusky, QB & Tanner Gentries, WR

This is going to be a combination that lights up the scoreboard for years in Chicago. They formed a relationship early in camp and it showed on the field during practice and obviously in preseason games. Now these two rising superstars get to put on a show for the world.

Defensive Player to Watch:

Danny Trevathan, LB


He’s back and he’s got to be pissed after being suspended for what was essentially a love tap. If Adams was able to play last week, Trevathan should have been able to as well. The way the Bears are treated by the NFL is a joke. I assume Danny being back is the reason Maclin is not playing.

Key to the Game:

Dowell Loggains, Bears OC


He has been given the gift of Tribusky and Gentries. With Tarik and Howard Jordan there are no more excuses for the offensive. We know it’s not the players.

Fun Fact:


Both of these organizations had the pleasure to have Marc Trestman as part of their coaching staff. You won’t find a nicer and more successful Canadian Football League coach around. I’m sure both teams miss having him around making major decisions. #BearForLife

At 1-4 the odds of making the playoffs would normally look bleak, but this team is about to flip the switch and turn it around. A handful of teams have started 1-4 and made the playoffs. This Bears team will make it an Antonio Alfonseca handful.

GMB Season Record:


Bear Down!