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The Game Day Crew Talks About How Special JMU Is To Them

Just a quick shout out to JMU. The great people of James Madison University have always been a friend of mine, Barstool DMV, and Barstool Sports as a whole. A through and through stoolie college. Ever since day 1 of Barstool DMV, the Dukes have been outrageously supportive of what we do here, and always showed support through signs, videos, and of course some of the most jaw-dropping smokeshows. I have a ton of friends who went to JMU, I’ve been to JMU, and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone with a bad thing to say about the magical place off of Exit 245. Hopefully we can bring the Barstool Tailgate Show, airing at 5:30 today from Youngstown State University, down there next season. Because as nice as the guys on Game Day are, I know if we come down it’ll be 100x bigger, better, and unforgettable.