You Wanna See A Dead Body?

Punters wait their whole lives to get a call like this. A time to be viewed as a hero and not just some guy trying to win the field position battle. And if this punter is still somehow alive, he should honestly sue #90 for the severe lack of hustle on this play. For as much as this punter got thrown into the liquid magma of the Earth’s core, #90 somehow ended up being the player who got most dominated on this play. I mean, look at this.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 3.45.43 PM

#90 is in the fetal position while #3 is peering over his lifeless corpse like a lion ready to pounce on his next prey. And pounce he did, laying down a hit that seemingly had been disallowed since Deacon Jones was coming off the edge. For shame, #90. For shame.