Is This Toilet Scrubber Trying To Get The Pipe?


Fellas, imagine my surprise when I walk into the local Dollar General in order to buy some delicious Stroopwafel cookies and I see this toilet scrubber. I’m there with my family, but I can’t help but notice this toilet scrubber giving me the look. I look back and see that pink pie good-good lookin me dead ass in my eyes and I start hearing the music from Ghost play. Unchained Melodies, folks. You remember Ghost. It’s the cinematic coming of age tale of a young fella who died but was down to make some pottery and whathaveyou with his romantic interest who was played by Demi Moore (Ay Chihuahua!). I think being deader than shit gives you an easy out to skip on the pottery session but maybe you love mud. I dunno. That’s up to you at this point. Some people love art and some people don’t. Maybe you’re more of a literary guy. I can respect that.

Anyway, I’m there for the Dutch-style coffee cookies and not for the toilet scrubber nookie, but I am a man of opportunity so I am absolutely befuddled on what to do. Should I pick up a couple of these toilet scrubbers and keep them discretely under my bed for when the Mrs goes outta town? I dunno.

Well, I’m off to my pottery class. Hope you guys have a good Saturday. Let’s go Astros.