When I was looking at this weekend’s slate of games it wasn’t the most awe-inspiring Saturday I ever saw. No ranked opponents matching up against one another, the Red River Rivalry is cool but other than that it’s pretty tame. So naturally the defending national champs with the longest winning streak in the nation goes up to Syracuse and heads home with a fat L on their record.

Is #Clemsoning back? It,,, hard to say. Granted, Kelly Bryant sat out the second half with an injury, and that cannot be understated. But that defense alone should’ve been enough to get them to escape with a win. Clemson closed as a 23.5-point favorite making this their biggest upset in a cool 40 years. It’s also the first time Clemson lost to ‘Cuse since the ’96 Gator Bowl when Donovan McNabb was under center and they were still called the Orangemen.

We should’ve known something was up early when Cuse was scoring the easiest touchdowns imaginable.

Then late in the fourth Dabo dialed up a fake punt on fourth down which did not exactly work how he envisioned. Naturally causing him to scold his punter.

Clemson didn’t see the ball again after that as Syracuse ran out the clock, picking up one final first down before fans were able to rush the field.


What’s more embarrassing: getting immediate CTE attempting to rush the field OR falling down trying to throat-slash in a game you lose in historic fashion?