Cubs Advance To 3rd Straight NLCS

Suck on that haters. The Chicago Cubs are playing for the NL pennant for the 3rd straight year. UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE. Like I legitimately cannot believe that this is happening. But I can, because this team is so goddamn good. It’s like the 2015 Blackhawks team. Not perfect but just loads (great hockey word) of passion desire and willpower. That’s how I feel about this Cubs team. Like there is nothing that can get in this team’s way.

I have no idea how the bullpen was able to keep this game together while issuing 9 walks for the second game in a row. That might be the only thing that’s more unfuckingbelievable than the Cubs going to the NLCS 3 years in a row. 18 walks in 2 games.

But I’m not here to bitch. I’m here to celebrate. This is what baseball is all about. Every pitch matters. Every pitcher is under immense pressure. The hitters are locked in like a bunch of meth heads. It’s awesome baseball and the atmosphere was absolutely incredible. This is just about the best playoff series I’ve seen in about a year.

Big shout to to: the entire lineup throughout the series. Just kidding. You guys mostly sucked throughout the series. If anything I tip my cap to the Washington Nationals for falling apart. Specifically, Matt Wieters and Max Scherzer just fuck-jobbing their way through to the 5th inning like a couple of jv assholes. That was awesome.

Up next is the Dodgers and like CJ Edwards predicted we are going to LA everybody. They haven’t played in a long time and I’m pretty sure John Lackey is starting Game 1 so let’s just strap in and hope Clayton Kershaw does that thing he does every year and completely blows it in the NLCS. That would be nice. History isn’t a guarantee but it’s an indicator and in this case it strongly suggest Kershaw will get rocked.

Also, like Washington, the Dodgers are a soft organization. Push comes to shove things will go our way.

PS – I still cannot believe this and I probably never will: