A Chicago Company Is Paying To Keep The DC Metro Open Late Tonight

Excelon, Excelon…where do I know that name from?

Ah, right!

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Yahoo - Nationals fans who rely on the train to get to and from games are getting some good news.

Washington D.C. Metro lines have been extended one hour on Thursday for Game 5 against the Chicago Cubs. The news comes after a third-party sponsor stepped up to pay the $100,000 deposit to maintain public transit service. The Nationals had previously refused to pay to keep the trains running, instead telling fans to use other modes of transportation, such as biking, for a game that starts at 8:08 p.m. ET.

The best part about all of this — other than Nationals fans being able to get home without paying a fortune in taxi or ride-sharing fees — is that Exelon is based in Chicago. So if you’re a Nationals fan who is ready to troll Cubs fans in town, make sure to thank them first.


There are a few things I must touch on in this blog:

1) FIGURE IT OUT, WASHINGTON DC! I’ve been blogging about their shitty ass Metro situation since I was in diapers. Not being a 24 hour service is one thing, but their constant derailments, fires, delays, and general shittiness has been a staple of the Metro for as long as I can remember. The fact that the Metro was set to have it’s last train from Nats Park at 11:48pm when the game starts at 8:08 is insanity. Insanity!

2) How does the District of Columbia not realize having the Metro open later helps everyone? Stimulates the economy to the moon. Restaurants and bars make more money, the Nats make more money, the Metro makes more money and doesn’t look like an incompetent piece of shit. Everyone wins!

3) So here’s the thing- corporations such as sports teams can pay $100,000 per hour to keep the Metro open later. The Nats flat our declined to do it tonight. WHY???? Well, maybe they are trying to say “hey Metro, we won’t fix your problems”, but at the spite of the fans. I mean $100,000 for an HOUR is nothing to scuff out, I’ll say that much. That’s a shit ton of money for an hour of trains.

4) Shout out to Exelon for grabbing life by the balls and deciding to foot the bill for an extra hour. I don’t really know how electricity companies work, but if I have a choice, I’m using Exelon to turn my lights on. Again, not sure I really have a choice and have no idea how that shit works or how it’s worthwhile for Exelon, but I’m a big fan of theirs. And even better, they’re a Chicago based company, which is just icing on the cake.

So thank goodness for them, now we won’t have to see the usual shots of an emptying Nats Park at 11:30 in the middle of the 7th inning because the last train is so soon. I hate how that happens because the Metro is such an abomination and so many people rely on it.