That Candy Commercial During The ALDS Was The Most Fucked Up Shit I've Ever Seen

I think a lot of people caught this last night but I just had to reach out and say, again, that this was crazy fucked up. I don’t usually pay attention to commercials, that’s my phone time, but seeing as this one lasted as long as a feature length film I eventually looked up and it caught my attention. It caught my attention because I figured I must have rolled onto the remote and accidentally switched FS1 over to “Horrible, Scary Movie Channel for Psychos.”

This is flat-out unacceptable and I’m both shocked and appalled (yes, both) that the FCC would allow something like this. I’m a firm believer that horror movie trailers shouldn’t be allowed on TV before midnight and they should come with a warning beforehand. Does that make me a pussy? Sure, I won’t argue with you there. I also don’t care. I’m pussy proud. It’s 2017.

I didn’t know what was going on. I thought it was a sneaker commercial at first because there was way too much attention paid to her Sketchers as she got off the elevator, then I thought it was anti-smoking or some shit, finally I settled on the fact that it must be a new horror movie. Wrong on all accounts! Just your standard Snickers and Skittles commercial where you need to go to to check out more horrifying footage. Pass! Pass! A million times pass! I don’t do horror so don’t force horror upon me when I’m simply trying to watch playoff baseball. That shit is stressful enough.

PS – If the guy disappears and reappears with his back to you every time then walk backwards to the elevator ya dumb bitch!