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Owner Of Walter White's 'Breaking Bad' House Forced To Build A Fence To Stop People From Throwing Pizzas On The Roof

BBC- If you have seen the popular TV series Breaking Bad, you probably remember a scene in which Walter White angrily tosses a pizza onto his own roof. In the years since, fans have travelled to recreate the stunt, landing the real-life owner with hours of cleaning. The show’s creator even stepped in in 2015, asking the pranksters to stop. Now the owner has reached breaking point, according to local media, building a 6ft iron fence to keep people, and their pizzas, out. In the programme, actor Brian Cranston chucks the pizza after his wife discovers his drug-dealing alter-ego and refuses to let him in the house. Frank Sandoval, who runs a local Breaking Bad tour company, told local news station Kob4 that he has had to climb onto the roof to pull pizzas thrown by tourists down. 


I blogged a story similar to this a few years back. I think it had to do with Vince Gilligan coming out and demanding that people stop throwing pizzas on this poor guy’s roof. He said it wasn’t funny and it was rude and blah blah blah. I said that it’s absurd that a person still lives in that house. That they should turn it into a Walter White/Breaking Bad museum. The guy who lives there should sell the house to AMC or sell tickets to the house himself, let people throw pizzas on the roof as part of a game and make a shit ton of cash and buy an awesome mansion. Done and done. Problem solved. Can you imagine how much he could sell that place for? It’s an infamous piece of popular culture. It’s Walter White’s house for christ’s sake! Mother fucking Heisenberg! Sell that shitty house for a bunch of pretty pennies. I stand by that opinion with this new information that he’s building a fence. Why is he building a fence? He’s moving in the wrong direction. Lean into the wave of cash that randomly made its way to his doorstep and ride it.