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We Did It Fam - Alexis Ren Is Your Newest SI Swimsuit Model

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 10.27.14 AM

Hey ready?


Remember the time SI yelled at us for having a “girls” section on our website? LOL! It’s almost as if pretty girls like Alexis Ren and the other swimsuit models know they are hot as hell and like showing it off. If I had a 6 pack and motivation and went to the gym and a normal sized head and wasn’t balding and lanky and multiple other adjectives that accurately describe me, I would walk around naked too.

But I digress. Am I to thank for this? Should Alexis be thanking me? Possibly so. I think I’m like 1% to thank for this happening. Maybe even 2%.

So congrats to the Queen of Barstool DMV, Alexis Ren. All our hard work paid off.