Random Asshole Runs Away After Jumping On A Guy's Lamborghini Then Gets Caught Trying To Do It Again

Congratulations nameless San Francisco dickhead! You officially made a Lamborghini owner not the least-liked person in a video starring a Lamborghini owner for the first time ever (no offense Big Cat, who may or may not own a Lamborghini). And not just any Lamborghini owner, but a Lamborghini owner that definitely wears red pants to match the color of his hardomobile and said “I’m gonna fucking kill you” in the best Wizard of Oz Lion’s voice I have ever heard.

I already hated that asshole just for jumping on the car the first time. I loathed him for the second attempt. But to go down the way he did was the lamest shit I’ve ever seen. That dude is either
A. A Hall of Fame flopper
B. Mr. Glass when it comes to getting knocked out
C. The Lambo owner mistakenly pressed his On/Off Switch

Maybe it’s D. Car jumper shares the same DNA as those fainting goats

(Sorry I just love those videos and wanted to throw one in here)

Also, I need more of this Asian Steven Segal dude in all black everything that tells to driver to leave because he has a very fast car. He’s the true star of this video. 2017 Confucius dropping knowledge all over everyone’s ass.