Elvis Presley And A Fan Look Like A Bucket Of Shit In Newly Colorized Photos


My entire life I have thought that Elvis Presley was handsome as all get out. I thought he was cruising from town to town being a p-magnet. You know what the p means, folks. Wink. Wink. Coochie.

I’m disappointed in these pictures. Elvis looks washed out. His color is flushed. Why’s our man Elvis look like a WWE Wrestler who is a mixture of the world champion and Dracula? Why’s this Bram Stoker Head Ass wearing a jacket that makes him look like Mr T had a baby with Prince (rip)? I dont know. I guess this is what they mean when they say dont met your heroes.

Is Elvis still a cocksman? Absolutely. Did he get taken down a few pegs after his photo was colorized? Without question. Can he still dance his dick off? Buddy,,, you tell me. I guess that’s all that matters. Bitcces be dancin. Bitcces be singin. Bitcces be shakin that ass!