The White And Gold Dress Part 2: What Color Are These Shoes?


I have never seen a pair of shoes be more grey with mint green trim. The shoe itself is grey as FUCK. The laces the soles and the stripe are a mint green or a seafoam green or a teal-ish. Whatever variation of that color, its that. I cannot even imagine there is a human being on this planet with eyeballs that would tell me this shoe is pink and white. People tell me to look at it in different lighting. They tell me to angle my phone. I’ll look at that shoe in any place, with any light, with any phone, at any time – the shoe. is fucking. grey and green.

Unless you got Riggs’ eyes theres just no chance that shoe is ever gonna look pink and wh…wait…wait a second! What a damn second! Thats Pink And White’s Music! OH DAMN IT ALL TO HELL! ITS PINK AND WHITE!

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 9.05.21 AMScreen Shot 2017-10-12 at 9.07.26 AM

Once you see that side by side and your brain makes the switch, you hate yourself. I hate my brain. I hate my eyes. I was so convinced on mint and grey, I was ready to murder anyone who saw pink. In cold blood. Bare knuckles. Just straight up beat them to death. Smash them until their broken eyes are dead. And then you realize its just a pink shoe with a flash and a filter and you feel betrayed. Your own dumb brain betrayed you and it turns out that now you need to kill yourself since you just promised to murder anyone who said pink.

Anyway, stay woke this is all just a viral marketing campaign for Vans. They did it with Damn Daniel. Now they’re doing it again with the Pink and Whites. Next level shit.