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It Would Appear That Drew Doughty Isn't Exactly The Biggest Matthew Tkachuk Fan

For many many years I’ve been saying the league needs to mic up the penalty box. Not sure if I’ve ever said it out loud but have definitely said it in my head for a while now. The penalty box chirpfest is the purest form of shit-talkery. You shit talk from the bench and you’re really just hamming it up to get a reaction out of the other player. You shit talk on the ice and it’s just your basic instincts kicking in and making words come out of your mouth. You shit talk and having a screaming match across the scorers table in the penalty box? That’s where you get nothing but pure, sweet hatred coming out. This particular form of shit talk comes from the deepest, darkest depths of your soul. And deep down to his core, Drew Doughty fucking haaaaates Matthew Tkachuk.

“You’ve been spoon fed your whole life! Straight from the fucking spoon! You got nothing to say!” 

Not that this is anything new–there were the Howe’s and the Hull’s etc–but it does feel like there are a shit more sons of former NHLers in the league today than ever before. Maybe that’s because this current batch are sons of guys who I grew up watching like Tkachuk and Domi and Nylander and Kapanen. But it makes you wonder what other guys in the league think of those kids who had an advantage right from the start. I guess Doughty answers that question for us. Unless this is just a special level of hatred reserved only for somebody like Matthew Tkachuk, which seems to be the case for the entire Kings roster. Exhibit A:

Sidenote: The Calgary Flames are currently undefeated with Jaromir Jagr in the lineup.

Friendly reminder that Jaromir Jagr and Keith Tkachuk were both 1st round draft picks in 1990. And now Jags is playing with Matthew.