Last Night In The NBA: Holy Joel Embiid

Philidelphia 76ers v Brooklyn Nets

Welcome back to Last Night In The NBA, where we catch you up on everything you missed from the night before in the Association. There were 5 games last night, all of which were pretty entertaining so we have quite a few things to talk about. Let’s get started

Sixers 133 Nets 114

I won’t go into too much detail, I’ll leave that to the guys in Philly, but I must say, watching Joel Embiid throw up 22/7/3 and go 14-18 from the line in just 15 minutes made my brain explode. That was a $150M performance if I’ve ever seen one. I don’t think anyone has ever questioned Embiid’s talent, the dude is RIDICULOUS considering he really hasn’t even learned how to play yet, the questions were just about his ability to you know, actually physically play. But holy shit man, just watch

But he wasn’t alone, I mean 133 is a shit ton of points, so getting 26/9 with five made threes from Saric doesn’t hurt either

He played a lot of stretch five last night which I found interesting, if only the Sixers could play the Nets all the time they may be on to something.

Speaking of BKN D’Angelo Russell had his best game as a Net going for 24 points, even though it came when they were getting their dick kicked in

And look it’s the Nets, they are going to suck, we know this, so the least we can do is show them doing something good, like this ball movement

Heat 117 Wizards 115

After a slow start in which the Heat found themselves down 30-19 after one, they then put up three straight 30+ quarters including 34 in the fourth to come away with the exciting preseason victory. Impressive because not one Heat starter ended up in double figures but there were some impressive dunks


But who am I kidding, the best play from this game came from none other than my man Jordan Mickey. Game winner like you read about!!!

For the Wizards, Wall and Beal were up to their usual antics


but it was Jason Smith who led the team with 20 points on 7-8 shooting, including four of these

Here’s some good news Wizards fans, your bench had 45 points and went 17-43. Not terrible!

Celtics 108 Hornets 100

You know the deal, the full blog is coming so I’m not going to blow my load here. I will say this though. How are Celtics fans feeling this morning?

Rockets 101 Grizzlies 89

Much like the Celtics, the Rockets also stand at 4-0 this preseason. They have been shooting the ball at such an unconscious rate it only made sense that they would win a game in which they had 38/30% splits. Sort of crazy they can still win when Harden/CP3 go 5-25 and have 10 TOs combined. How did they do it? Wait for it…..Clint Capella

and Trevor Ariza


and Eric Gordon (12 points)

For MEM, it wasn’t the best night. Didn’t break 90, shot the ball like absolute dogshit (38/26%), turned it over 19 times, just not what you want to see on any night, no matter if it’s preseason or not. There was that one nice Gasol assist

but the best play from the Grizzlies was clearly this fast break

and that was a fucking layup so that’s all you need to know.

Trail Blazers 113 Suns 104

Portland continued to be another team that has looked pretty good so far this preseason. That 6/7/8 race is going to be pretty exciting if Portland can live up to the hype. Dame and CJ were mostly quiet, going 9-28, and the rest of the starters combined for 5-19, so it was up to the bench players. Boy did they respond!


For the Suns, it was the strong play of their two promising young talents Josh Jackson and Marquese Chriss that even made this game somewhat close. A 43 point fourth quarter helped, but Jackson had 22/7 and Chriss 13/12 which was needed after their starting backcourt went 3-19.

And that should have you call caught up on everything that went on last night in the NBA. We have just 2 games tonight, but in the event you miss them, make sure to check back here tomorrow morning!