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URGENT UPDATE: Soldier's Dog That Was Given Away While Overseas On Duty Still Not Found


About 2 weeks ago I wrote a blog on this soldier whose dickish friend gave away his beloved Labrador while he was on duty while in Afghanistan. Demanded that we grab the pitchforks and do whatever we can to help this serviceman retrieve his best friend in this awful, awful situation.

Long story short, nothing much has changed. I’ve been emailing with the soldier, Brandon, since the blog went up asking if there was ANYTHING we can do to help find his blog Oakley. Found out Brandon has some local ties as he grew up in PA and went to Penn State. Overall a really good dude. Unfortunately, he says there have been no real leads in the effort to recover the Lab as of yet. Brandon appreciates the support from everyone and from Barstool but as of now, nothing has changed. Also, he has elected to take the high road and not murder the “friend” who gave his dog away with a rusty shovel up the ass. All Brandon wants is Oakley back.

So what can we do? Granted, it’s tough since we and our readership are predominately East Coast and this is going down in the Seattle, Washington area, but the more eyes out there looking for Oakley the better. Here is what YOU can do:

A Facebook Page has been developed to give updates on the doghunt. LIKE AND SUPPORT THE HELP FIND OAKLEY PAGE HERE.

The Craigslist ad Brandon originally put up in effort to locate his dog is still live. If you have any information at all or want to send him your best wishes directly, this is the best way to go about it. CRAIGSLIST AD HERE.

A account has been set up to accept donations for reward money to recover Oakley. BRANDON DID NOT SET UP THIS ACCOUNT AND HAS SPECIFICALLY STATED THAT HE DOES NOT WANT CHARITY BECAUSE HE IS A MAN AMONGST MEN. However, donations have been coming in and he is overwhelmed by the gratitude. Brandon has also stated that the reward money has been capped at $2,500 and anything extra will be donated directly to charity. Like I said, a man amongst men. DONATION PAGE HERE.

Most importantly, if you are in the Washington area or the West Coast in general, keep your eyes and ears open.

We’re in a middle of the doghunt of our lives, ladies and gentlemen, and we can not fail. This is for Brandon. For Oakley. For America.