BREAKING: Stephen Strasburg Was Internet Bullied Into Starting Game 4 In An All Time Ridiculously Incredible Story


This has been a hell of a 12 hours. Now, to touch on Dave’s blog, I didn’t blog this whole fiasco last night because I was waiting for details. Dave should know you don’t want to blast fake news about a baseball story onto the internet without details, but maybe I should have thrown something up real quick last night. I’ll be better.

But anyway, now that I have had time to digest this situation, which all good journalists should do before writing, I want to make my opinion. The Nats couldn’t have handled this worse if they tried. They made Strasburg look really bad here. There is no reason Dusty couldn’t have said “we are sticking with the plan” like how Maddon did. It would have ruffled feathers, but it wouldn’t have thrown Stras under the bus. They could have announced Stras was sick well before they did and said he’s a game time decision and kept that decision in house until today. They could have leaked pictures of Stras over a toilet puking. Lots of better options than what they actually did.

So now Boras is mad at the Nats for handling this so poorly…..and this is where this tweet happened

Amazing. Was he internet shamed into starting today? My pal Dan seems to think Stras was faking sick the entire time, which everyone I’ve talked to says is not true. He didn’t feel comfortable starting. But here we are. He’s getting the ball. What a day. What a story. What a team. What a disaster of a sports city.