I'm Still Trying To Figure Out How This University Of Alaska-Anchorage Save Stayed Out Of The Net

You know what really sucks here? Check out North Dakota’s Trevor Olson wearing #11 in green. Goes with a no-look, between the legs pass to the back side and looks like he’s got himself a nice little assist to add to the highlight reel. Even gives a half fist pump as soon as he sees the shot considering it would take a miracle to keep the puck out of the net there. Then somehow, like a goddamn ninja, UAA goalie Olivier Mantha goes post-to-post and gets a glove on it. Not only does he make the glove save but gets run into by his own defenseman and causes him to spin on the ice. And somehow with all of that going on, the puck never crosses the goal line. Or at least not from any angle that college hockey broadcasts can provide.

You think he’s not showing this highlight to every girl on campus for the rest of the year? I don’t know much about the University of Alaska-Anchorage but I have to imagine that the hockey team runs the show up there. They have hockey, basketball, cross country, track, and skiing. I can’t imagine the ski team are the alphas on campus. So Olivier Mantha is already working with a massive advantage and now he has this highlight to pull up on his phone at any given moment. He may have miraculously kept the puck out of the net on this shot but he’ll probably be putting a few in of his own, if you know what I mean. We’re talking about sex here, people. Intercourse between two consenting adults. It’s a beautiful thing.