Video Of A Little Girl Finding Out She Is Being Adopted Is Your Feel Good Wednesday Blog

Fuck yeah that was awesome. I think we all know how annoying the news cycle has been lately, so I figured something like this would be a welcome distraction during the midpoint of the week. If you don’t feel anything after watching that, you better go to a doctor because your soul is broken. I’m looking at you, windpants.


I’m personally a sucker for any video where someone gains a sense for the first time or finds out they are being adopted to a family. Even the videos where the kids flip the script on their step parents and ask them to adopt them puts my heart into an emotional blender and sets it to puree.

And for those people that are crying their eyes out in the middle of their cubefarms, I apologize, even though I am on the record of saying a good cry is great to clear the system, I realize it’s hard to overcome the stigma of being seen as a huge pussy because your eyes started leaking like a supermodel at a Bruno Mars concert. But here’s a tip for you crybabies. If any of your coworkers give you any shit for crying, just tell them that Purple Heart recipient and all around good guy Uncle Chaps has gone on the record of being a crier as well and if they have a problem with that, then that means they don’t support the troops. Surely that conversation won’t lead to an office argument that instantly kills any good feelings from this adoption video.

But Clem, I thought this was a Feel Good Wednesday blog, your newest #franchise that you may or may not forget about by this time tomorrow! Well that’s true, Barstool reader. Luckily I have included this gif at the end of the blog to ensure everyone is feeling good no matter what.