Massive Swarm Of Bees Causes Plane To Make An Emergency Landing And I May Never Use Mass Transportation Again

bee plane

Daily Mail- A massive swarm of bees managed to ground a Minnesota-bound Allegiant airlines flight after first clouding the windshields and then getting sucked into the plane’s engines. Passengers got a couple more hours in the Las Vegas sun on Monday thanks to the insects, but not before getting a serious in-flight fright. ‘It smelled like the whole cabin was on fire,’ passenger Misty Newman told WDIO. When we landed the fire department and the cops were waiting and they took off along the runway after us,’ Newman said. Not until the frightened flyers were ushered onto a new plane was the true reason behind the grounding revealed. ‘We thought [the pilot] was joking when he said ,”I’ve never had that happen before. We hit thousands of bees,”‘ passenger Cassandra Rogers told WDIO. The plane taxied into the Duluth airport just two hours behind schedule with no stings reported.

So I think that’s it.  I think that’s the last straw.  I’m never using mass transportation again.  Just gonna go completely underground on the mass transit front.  No planes, no boats and no buses from this point on.  Cold turkey.  I don’t use it that much anyway so it should be a fairly easy transition.  The obvious downside is I’ll never ever get the chance to be a world traveler and see places like Europe or Australia or Ohio.  A pretty big bummer but that’s just the way it’s gonna be. The upside of course is my plane never getting attacked by a pack of ravenous bees at 30,000 feet, having the cabin start to smell like it’s on fire and then being forced to make an emergency landing.  It’s a simple weighing of the pros and cons.  Seriously too much weird shit has been happening lately.  We’ve got planes disappearing out of thin air, ferries going belly up and now swarms of bees are attacking flights.  What the hell is going on around here?  Not to mention the thing that happened with Aldon Smith.  And that US Airways tweet had to be some sort of bad omen.  Too much craziness right now.

I don’t like flying as it is.  Not in the least bit.  I’m 25 years old but even thinking about getting on plane makes my palms moist.  When I step foot on a plane my hands turn into glorified sweat waterfalls.  I wouldn’t be able to hang on to a ball of sand paper if my life depended on it.  Call me a pussy if you want but planes are fucking terrifying.  Maybe I’m just now noticing stuff like this because news outlets like CNN and Fox sensationalize and over cover these events but it also seems like they’re becoming more and more frequent.  Either way, I’m done with all of it.