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Joe Namath Says NFL Players Are Kneeling Out Of Respect For The Flag

Joe Namath with an F5 Tornado worth of Spin Zone. Spinning right off the goddam earth on this one. Just absolutely preposterous to suggest that people are kneeling during the anthem out of respect. Like the Pope! Like the Queen! Genuflecting out of reverence. Colin Kaepernick had so much respect for the Flag…so much respect for America and the way this country does things…he took a knee in the name of admiration and appreciation. Nailed it, Joe! Thats what the country has been divided over for the last year. Thats what has people protesting and fighting and killing each other: Colin Kaepernick and his peers having TOO much respect for the flag.

I almost respect going on TV with that incorrect of an opinion. Its so alarmingly incorrect, its profound. Hopefully Joe was drunk for this appearance like basically every single other television appearance hes ever done.