Tyquone Greer Hits Game Winning Shot For Orr In Last Night's Class 3A Sectionals, Just 2 Weeks After Being Shot In The Leg


(Source) Tyquone Greer hit the biggest shot of the season Tuesday night for Orr Academy High School of Chicago. It also was the most improbable. Less than two weeks after he was shot in the leg while attending a neighborhood get-together, Greer came off the bench and buried a wide-open 3-pointer with three seconds remaining to give Orr a 71-68 triumph against North Chicago in the Class 3A Hoffman Estates Supersectional.

Unbelievable? Don’t tell that to Greer. “This could have been our last game and I wanted to make my presence felt,” the 6-foot-7 senior standout told reporters, according to the Chicago Tribune. “For me to take that shot, God planned it for me because he has some better stuff for me. I knew I was going to make it. I was very confident. “My leg was still kind of shaky, but this could have been our last game so I wanted to be out there. If we lost, I wanted to make sure that I was on the court with my team. That’s all that really mattered.”

Added Orr coach Louis Adams to ESPNChicago.com on Wednesday: “It wasn’t Tyquone. It was all God’s work. I told him, ‘You shot it, but God made it.’ By the grace of God he’s still living. [The gunshot] could have been worse than it was. It [the 3-pointer] was God’s will.” Greer was one of six people shot in the early morning hours of March 9 on Chicago’s West Side, according to the Tribune. He was hospitalized with a calf wound before being discharged that afternoon, the newspaper reported.



Is it possible to have a better month than Tyquone Greer? Survive a gunshot wound and make the game winning shot all in the course of 2 weeks? Hero status right there. Now I’m not going to go as far as say this gunshot wound somehow made his leg  stronger but as an athlete in the twilight of his career I will say that I am willing to try just about anything at this point. Skittles, steroids, leg wounds, I don’t really care. If being shot makes you better at basketball I’m officially in. Shoot away.



And yes I realize that so far today I have decided that I would like to go to jail for 2 days and get shot in the leg rather than live my normal life. I guess that’s just the way Bad Boy Big Cat rolls.