Drone Boy Trevor Bauer Got Lit Up Last Night And Resorted to Blocking People on Twitter Who Were Talking Shit To Him

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 1.08.14 PM

We already knew Trevor Bauer was a little insecure bitch boy who just loves playing with his drones during the playoffs.


But last night he couldn’t go a batter without serving up a meatball, and the Yankees pounced on him.

Bauer went to Twitter (during the game) to block people who were taking shots at him.

I mean Jesus Christ dude. Be more a little bitch. You can’t. I didn’t see Luis Severino blocking haters and doubters on Twitter after his Wild Card performance. Nope, he locked the fuck in and pitched a hell of a playoff game, beating Bauer’s bitch ass to a pulp as the Yanks knotted up the series at two games a piece. Bauer, pitching on three day’s rest, was completely ineffective and the Yankees knocked him out of the game before the second inning ended. He tries to be this cool guy on and off the field, but in reality he’s just a snowflake bitccc. Hope someone found your drone and threw it into a river.




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