Thoughts And Prayers To This UConn Sox Fan Who Had To Silently Endure The End Of The Season In Class

Absolutely BRUTAL place to witness that loss. I don’t even mean in class. Connecticut is a terrible place to be on a day like today if you’re a New England fan across the board. Your buddy who is a Patriots fan with you on Sundays is also chirping you because his Yankees are still in the playoffs. It doesn’t make any sense and it’s getting me mad on the web just thinking about it. This poor kid was just trying to get through his Monday afternoon schedule, watch a win and daydream about maybe pulling an upset in Game 5. Instead he’s wallowing in misery while getting put on blast by some Yankees/Patriots/Lakers/Duke/Also the Cowboys somehow/Alabama fan for all the internet to openly mock. This is worse than watching that game with Tex. It’s not right. It’s just not right.