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If You Refer To "Duck, Duck, Goose" As "Duck, Duck, Grey Duck" You're Wrong And Should Feel Bad

Group celebrations being allowed back into the NFL have been great so far in the early goings of this season. The Eagles’ baseball celebration Sunday was top tier, and here come the Vikings with a rendition of “Duck, Duck, Goose.” It would appear they fully don’t understand how the game is actually played, but that’s a discussion for another day.

The reason I’m writing you here and now is to warn you that not everyone calls “Duck, Duck, Goose” by its given name. There is a collection of people, who are granted the same right to vote and make great change in this country as you or I, who call this delightful game “Duck, Duck, Grey Duck.” Don’t believe me? See for yourselves.

These people are out there. They may seem normal enough at first glance, but deep down they hold this dark secret. They may never even reveal it to you. If you’re lucky enough it may just come out by accident one day as it did tonight. Keep your friends and loved ones close tonight, folks. There are some real sick people out in the world.