The 2017 Boston Red Sox Season Is Over

Divisional Round - Houston Astros v Boston Red Sox - Game Four

First thing’s first — congrats to the Houston Astros. They were the better team on paper, and then they went and proved that on the field. They were even nice enough to give the Red Sox one game where it felt like they actually had a chance in this series. But at the end of the day, whether we, as Red Sox fans, wanted to come to terms with it or not, I think we all knew what the end result of this series was going to be.

Houston’s lineup was significantly better, their starters proved to be better, and in the final moments of the series, Houston’s bullpen outlasted Boston’s. In a season in which Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel were the only standout performers all year long, it was Sale who gave up the lead, and Kimbrel who allowed the winning runs to score to put the dagger in the heart of Boston’s season.

Not that the series loss falls solely on those two men by any means, but it was an ironically poetic finish to a season that never really felt like “the year” at any point. The only two guys that you felt like you could count on for most of the year were the ones who ended up letting you down in the end.

I’ll have a full RIP 2017 Red Sox blog for you tomorrow morning. As always, thanks to all the readers, podcast listeners and live show viewers. It’s been a weird year for me having to uproot my life from Boston in the middle of the season, but it’s been worth it to have been given the opportunity to work on Starting 9. We’re gonna keep riding the wave throughout the postseason, so be sure to catch those shows until the final out of the World Series.